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Exclusive ZUMBA LOUD Powered 15" Speaker System with MP3, USB & TWS BT 1000 Watts

  • Powerful 250w RMS and 1000w max DS18 amplifier and rear control panel that gives you full control of your powered cabinets features with a large blue lit display.
  • Large powered DS18 Pro-Z15 loudspeaker backed up in a 2-way cabinet design with the DS18 Pro-DR1.75 for a full range of extremely loud audio that is crystal clear.
  • BT functionality as well with traditional DJ speaker (Speak On) connections that give you input and output lines along with a USB card reader on the rear.
  • Also compatible with the DS18 LDC1.2 long range speaker remote control.
  • Included wheels and pullout handle that makes transporting this powerhouse Zumba Speaker easily moved from place to place.
  • TWS Ture Wireless Stereo pairing so you can enhance your musical experience by pairing two together with a push of a button.